Technical Data 
IP Classification:IP68 (for underwater use max. 1m)
Housing / Finishing:Electrolyzation
Material:Stainless Steel #316 / #304
Power Cable:H05RN-F 0.75㎜² x 3m
Operating Temperature Range: -10°C ~ +45°C
Photometric Data
LED:Cree / Epistar
Luminous Efficacy:White 70lm+  per Watt
CRI:Cool White 70+ / Warm White 80+
Beam Angle:Symmetric : 15/30°

The LEDBEES FOUNTAIN RING is conceived for underwater illumination of fountains and water
· dimmable or DMX 512, DALI, 1-10 V controllable by RGB power supplies/controller
· can be installed in the dry foutain
· This IP68 luminaire can not be operated out of water for over 15 minutes (cooling).

MFG P/NLight Color LED pcsLED BrandInput VoltageLED Power 
B4T9-CWCool White / 冷白9CREE / EPISTAR 科锐/晶元12V / 24V9x3W 瓦
B4T9-NWNeutral White / 自然白9CREE / EPISTAR 科锐/晶元12V / 24V9x3W 瓦
B4T9-WWWarm White / 暖白9CREE / EPISTAR 科锐/晶元12V / 24V9x3W 瓦
B4T9-RGBRGB R/G/B 红绿蓝三色9CREE / EPISTAR 科锐/晶元24V9x3W 瓦
B4T9-TRGB 3-in-1 / RGB三合一9EPISTAR 晶元24V9x3W 瓦