To Breakthrough the Bottleneck of Exterior Lighting Industry: Outdoor Perfect Dimming Technology (POD) Premiere (HKLF 2018: 3E-C34)

Thanks for the picky mind of our R&D department, an epoch-marking technology –Outdoor Perfect Dimming System (OPD) is developed!

Don’t you think that you have to compromise with non-perfect/jumpy dimming in exterior lighting fixture currently? Especially in smaller size exterior lighting? LEDBEES & VEROLED has developed own hardware and components to overcome this issue, which must enrich your lighting proposal and fulfill those sophistic demands of your end-users.

With our own decoder “VERODMX-CV1” (IP67) for specialized lighting models, brand-new experience will be offered. Sample kit is available to sell, let’s contact our playful team and try it in HKLF 2018 (Autumn Edition): 3E-C34!