Standardized “Extra” Special Anti-Corrosion Expertise – First in the Industry

It is never reach to “PERFECT” for us even choosing the best material or our general surface treatment likes Anodized, Electrolyzation and so forth. As a response to our customers' extreme demand in Mountain Area & Salt Lake Area, extra special anti-corrosion surface treatment has standardized as code no. LD0081 & LD0082 for COL business, which had used for special project only for years. (LD0081 for Anti Chemical Corrosion; LD0082 for Anti Salt Corrosion).

(PS. Basically this extra service is not necessary for generic landscape environment, such as garden and any urban area. Normal treatment is enough for it.)

LD0081: Specialized in Chemical Environment likes Disinfectant Water in Pool or Acid Rain, etc.
LD0082: Specialized in Extreme Salinity Environment likes Saltpan, Salt Lake, Foot of Mountain, Valley, etc.