5th series Underwater Spot IP68
- The IP68 rate permits a total protection against the entry of solid objects and
dust and the entry of liquids in permanent immersion up to 3 meters depth. All products made by entire Stainless Steel with passivation treatment.
- Heavy-weight construction is filled and sealed with more than two types of premium encapsulant to ensure the fixtures are completely watertight.
- Linear LED pool light which can perform an asymmetrical light shape.
- RGB multi-in-one LED available.
- Stainless Steel front cover and lighting body.
- Incl. stainless Steel bracket.

· Power : 20W Max.
· Lighting Source : High Power LED
Single Color : Cree XPE2
RGB : Epistar RGB3in1
· LED Driver : CV input, CC output
· LED CCT : 2700K/3000K/4000K/6000K
· Optics :
symmetric: 6/8/10/15/25/45/60/90˚
asymmetric: 20˚x40˚ 15˚x45˚
· Housing : stainless steel SUS 316#
· Front Cover : stainless steel SUS 316#
· Light Window : tempered step glass
· IK rate : 08

* Must be installed and using under the waterto prevent over-heating.
* Cable connecting in the water must reach IP68 level, recommand our M and B cable connecter series.



· Power Cable :
H05RN-F 2x0.75 mm² / L=3m
H05RN-F 4x0.75 mm² / L=3m (RGB PWM)
· Mounting Parts : stainless steel bracket
· Operating Temperature : -20˚C~40˚C
· Certifications : CE / RoHS / IP level
· Custom Order Loghting(COL) : YES
· Outdoor Perfect Dimming(OPD) : YES
* OPD must work with LEDBEES decoder, for more information please contact us
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