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  • "LEDBEES Electronics (H.K.) Ltd. was established by 3 exterior lighting enthusiasts from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China. We had started from development of assembly technology and specific LED driver solution for exterior lighting. The main business of that time was R&D and trading.
    3 members (average age 35 years old)"

  • "The development of first generation underwater light series was accomplished, and waterproof in 3 meters depth was proven in laboratory. (The record exceeds exact IP68 standard) China factory (250 sqm) was astablished, then trial production started accordingly.
    3 members in Hong Kong; 4 members in China. (average age 28 years old)"

  • "First generation of LED landscape floodlights and buried lights series was accomplished, with the acquisition of certicfication in IP standard and electrical garde. Comprehensive mass-production and 1st factory expansion (400 sqm) was began and great successful in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition).
    3 members in Hong Kong, 10 members in China (average age 26 years old) "

  • "First generation of LED recessed wall light series was developed, which includes over 80 mold sets. 2nd factory expansion (1200 sqm) and International Trading Dept. was established at the same year.
    3 members in Hong Kong (2 in International Trading Dept.); 17 members in China (average age 27 years old)"

  • "Mold development reached to 90 sets, and display house was opened in Italy for our brand VEROLED. With the growth of product development and reputation, we gained customers who come from Western Europe, Northen Europe, Australia, Taiwan and so forth.
    3 members in Hong Kong (3 Sales) , 28 members in China (average age 25 years old)"

  • "In response to sophistic demand, Custom Order Light (COL) service was launched, which has been gained the great rewarding from our customers in construction field. Technical Support Dept. was set-up in factory, which takes full responsibility for COL and standardized QC for all products.
    3 members in Hong Kong (1 Sales & 1 Engineer); 17 memers in China (average age 30 years old)"

  • "A number of new concept exterior lighting series has been launched, which gained great rewarding from Vietnam customers, expecially construction contracter. Started to develop Pole Light, Wallwasher, Wall Mounted Spot Light and so forth.
    4 members in Hong Kong (2 Sales & 2 Enginners); 10 members in China (average age 34 years old)"

  • "This year, we reached to the new age, 3rd factory expansion (1500 sqm) and new technology is being to launch! In 2017Q1, in order to breakthrough the bottleneck of the exterior lighting industry, we were devoting to R&D of Outdoor Perfect Dimming Technology (OPD), which aims of perfect integration of ""Small Size & Long Life & Perfect Dimming of Small Scenes such as garden, hotel, etc"". Our supply chain in China has matured, Custom Order Light (COL) business expanded dramaticially including China domestic high-end project.
    Besides, as a reponse to our customers' demand, previous extra special anti-corrision surface treatment has standardized as code no. LD0081 & LD0082 for COL business, which had used for special project only for years. (LD0081 for Anti Chemical Corrosion; LD0082 for Anti Salt Corrosion)
    4 members in Hong Kong (3 Sales & 1 Engineer); 7 members in China (average age 35 years old)"

  • "The development of Outdoor Perfect Dimming Technology (OPD) is done! We achieve ultra dimming & colour switching performance, our IC supports over 200 dimming levels with no jumpy issue even in LEDBEES small size exterior lighting fixtures! OPD will exhibit in Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2018, lead most of the current outdoor dimming solutions with no constraint of your high level program desgin!
    3 members in Hong Kong (2 Sales & 1 Engineer); 5 members in China (average age 35 years old)"